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Building Scribbled II

system analysis and design


Early this month, I tried to sketch out the basic structure of Scribbbled.

It was a bit tough to conceptualize as I haven't thought very deeply about a product from ideation to MVP before. It’s up here.

Scribbbled is a new platform for incubating ideas within communities. Anyone can submit a script or storyboard for a cartoon and then their community can interact and vote on which cartoons are published. Create an account, pitch your ideas and get feedback from other members.

Scribbbled is a collaborative idea management system. It’s designed to manage ideas through the entire process of creation: ideation, development, and publication. The system enables users to share information about their projects with other users, who can then provide feedback that helps creators improve their projects.

The functional requirements of Scribbbled are:

  • The ability to create and manage accounts
  • The ability to submit scripts or storyboards for publication
  • The ability to comment on other users’ submissions
  • The ability to vote on other users’ submissions
  • The ability to rate other users’ submissions.
  • Create an account and pitch ideas
  • Get feedback from other members on your idea
  • Vote on the best ideas in your community
  • View cartoon storyboards that have been published by other members of your community
  • View your own cartoon storyboards after they are published (including how many votes they received)

The system also has non-functional requirements that must be met in order for it to function properly. These include:

  • Make sure users are able to access their accounts at any time and from any device
  • Minimize load times so users can get back to work quickly once they’ve logged in.




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Eseoghene Efekodo

Eseoghene Efekodo


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