Batch download subtitles from

Ever just wanted to download a bunch of subtitles to check which one fits the video? Subscene got everything, but it can be tedious to download subtitles one by one.

Why not just get them all at once? It’s not complicated, you just need the right tools.


  • Python 3 (also added to PATH)
  • LXML for python (you can get this with ```pip install lxml```)

All you need to do is to make three files (a python script, a text file with the links and a .bat file) so make sure you keep them in the same folder.

First we make the python script

Download from here:

Then we make a link list

Make a file called links.txt in the same folder with your links. For example:

Run the process with a command

Make a .bat file in the same folder with:

python links.txt