A Cage of My Own Making

Annie Bell
Sep 15, 2019 · 2 min read
Photo by Annie Bell

Trapped in a cage of my own making
Lured in by a familiar guise
Life was mine for the taking

A cage made of fear and all it justifies
Should have listened to that voice inside
I surmise

She predicted it would all collide
The wise one within — silenced again
Together, in this cage, we reside

Escape plans — she hastily begins
She is me, but braver
I ponder how, but she plots when

She does not wait for a savior
Somehow I shall penetrate the fear
If my resolve does not waver

The way out is unclear
And the fear stronger still
But the desire for freedom sincere

Freedom, she tells me, is at my will
I must first dismantle the lies I built
I possess the skill

Shed those shackles of guilt
Enough planning, get started
This is not the first life I’ve rebuilt

Liberation is not for the fainthearted
It is not a permanent state attained
Rather, a perpetual journey uncharted

No map to be ascertained
Uncharted feelings light the way
Through my wild heart, the truth will be gained

Written by — Annie Bell—

This piece was first written in a frenzy of introspection on December 3, 2018, and it has been fiddled with many times since. It still feels unfinished. Maybe it feels unfinished because, as the poem states, the journey to freedom is a perpetual one…

Stories that matter. Emotion first and foremost.

Annie Bell

Written by

I empower women through my writing & art. • I am shamelessly, imperfectly & wholeheartedly me • Instagram: @wholeheartedempire


Stories that matter. Emotion first and foremost.

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