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A Year Full of Emotions

90+ stories and poems to read to make you feel alive

Thomas Gaudex
Dec 29, 2019 · 23 min read
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The Love I Have For My Brother, The Addict, by Stefani Vader

Why we absolutely must print photographs, by Malinda Meadows

Rester vivant, by Valentin Vieira da Silva

Écrire ou la recherche de la liberté, by Marie M

I Was Absolutely Terrified To Be Pregnant — And There’s No Shame In That, by Michelle Zunter

Why’s a Girl Like You Alone?, by Jessica Brauer

Money is a Game of Hats, by Maggie Beaudett

Letting Go of the Old, by Karen Banting

11 | Père, fils, sain d’esprit, by Raphaël Hennebois

For Erik, by Lucy M

No One Wants To Gather Dust, by Bridget Webber

I Want You to Understand Why Black Mental Health is Taboo, by Tiffany Anderson

Feelings on Tiny Papers, by Agnes Louis

Lavender Lemonade, by Jessica Lovejoy

Piano Playing at Dusk, by Michelle Muses

Why I Use a Pen Name, by Elle Rogers

Why I Want to Share My Story of Sexual Abuse, by Jessica Lovejoy

I love my friends — but I don’t want to see them every day, by Sabine B.

The Simple Therapeutic Impact of Empathy on Our Lives, by Sylvia Wohlfarth

He Asked, “What If I Cheat?”, by Christie Alex Costello, MBA

Why We Need Art, by Daria Krauzo

Should I Be Friends with an Ex?, by Tesia Blake

Belated, by Elle Rogers

Contrast, by Giovanni Sonier

My Every, by Andrew Knott

Summer Night, by Paola Ritucci

How Beautiful am I Now?, by Erica Graham

Des Fantômes, by Maxime Der Nahabédian

Serenity, by Sabine B.

What Shall I Write?, by Annie Shaw

My Little girl!, by Shruti Sinha

7 Days, by Agnes Louis

Stay, by Heather R. Parker

Read To Me, by Austin Briggman

Joint, by Laura Romero

Legend of Her, by Shringi Kumari

Se Souvenir du Ciel, by Valentin Vieira da Silva

We The Millennials, by ZUVA

When We Fight, by Jenny Justice

I Will Only Love You Twice, by Ansel Guarneros

Fatal Funnel, by Trisha Traughber

Wild Heart, by Annie Bell

An Artist, a Dog, and Their Muse, by Joe Pregadio

Because I think I Love You, by Joseph M.

First Frost, by Matthew Donnellon

I Remember, by Lynne Nardizzi

Children of Atoms, by Ash Sturg

Reflexion, by Heather Huffman 💙

The Grieving House, by Sarah E Sturgis

Let’s Dance, by Lorna Ye

Write A Letter To The Darkness, by Annie Shaw

I’m Cold and I Will Always Be, by Abdullah I. Shawaf

A Heart For a Heart, by Leona Brits

Sentences, by D. E. Fulford

Home, by Maymuuna

Broken Walls, by Katia

Who am I?, by Ayushi Goel

Behold the Handmaiden of the Lord, by Jennifer Furner

Everything Is(n’t) Fine, by Carly Sutherland

The Perfect Sunday Afternoon, by Mathushah.S

Today I Give Up, by Joliane Martel

My Soul Was Made for the Rain, by Thomas Plummer

Relentless, by Jesse Wilson

When Someone From Your Past Discovers Your Writing Online, by Jessica Lovejoy

Everyday, by Maeli Santos

I Borrowed Strength, by Sonia Motwani

The Path of Love, by Bella Linda

Numb, by J.D. Harms

This Junction, by Sam Kimberle

First Time, by Michael Keller

The Mystic, by Erika Burkhalter

Mama Was a Green Thumb, by Lee Williams

Coming Back to Where You Started is Not the Same as Never Leaving, by Ana Martins

In An Individualistic Society, by Maymuuna

Aloneness and Loneliness Aren’t the Same Thing, by Bridget Webber

I wish I was still there, by Alice Evergreen

The Red Chamber, by Tapan Avasthi

Emerald Breath, by Kat of Magik

What Love Is, by Elle Rogers

The Miracle of Story, by Lisa Wathen

This Christmas Give the Gift of Reading, by Joanne Roche

Weather Is Always The Same, by Erios De Kir

Paradigms of Change, by Pamela J. Nikodem, MS

Quiet Days, by Mark A. Schrader

The Enigma of Life, by Simran Kankas

Unsolicited Advice, by Shilpa Vijayakumar

Remnants, by Yardena Schwersky

I Love You, and I Don’t Know Why, by John Dahle

Sharing a Starry Sky, by J.W. Parr

La Dolce Far Niente: The Sweetness of Doing Nothing, by Elaine Mead

The Forest, by MARTIN de la FOI

It Was Your Smile that Broke Me, by Mora Mitchell

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Stories that matter. Emotion first and foremost.

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Thomas Gaudex

Written by

Storyteller on life, dreamer and star gazer. Editor, Scribe.



Stories that matter. Emotion first and foremost.

Thomas Gaudex

Written by

Storyteller on life, dreamer and star gazer. Editor, Scribe.



Stories that matter. Emotion first and foremost.

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