And All the Fleeting Moments

Are written in the wind

Paul Mulliner
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photo by Ryan Jacobson on Unsplash

Like the fleeting shadow
of bird wings on a sunlit wall,
or liquid sunlight dancing
on the surface of the ocean,
all the moments of our human life
appear briefly and are gone forever,
like bonfire smoke in gusty wind
every moment’s woven
through the conscious fabric of the world,
every moment’s blending
into our becoming.

And the sudden laughter heard
through the open window
of a nearby room,
that glance reflected briefly
in the window of a train,
the times we found the silence
and the mystery
with those who share our life,
all experience
seems to weave somehow
into everything that is
and all that comes to pass.

And when we pause and wonder
how and why it all exists,
we might sometimes hear
the song of silence
singing through our heart,
showing us the conscious light
right across the universe
that’s bringing life
into this world.

And all the fleeting moments
are written in the wind.

Paul Mulliner 2023

I’m a writer and digital artist/animator based in London.

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Writer and digital artist/animator based in London. Writing about inspiration, intuition, consciousness, dreams …