And Sometimes the Song

Is visible as light

Paul Mulliner
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Live like the star filled sky
breathes through your heart
and brings its silence
to your every moment,
as though all experience
inside every leaf
and every blade of grass
is in your bones
and in your dreams,
as though consciousness
throughout the universe
knows every human life within itself
like waves appearing
in an endless ocean.

And for all the times
we might have been
maybe kinder in this world,
or brought more joy
to those we loved
in all the fleeting moments
of our human life,
we might hope
the silent song of life itself
dissolves all separation
in our heart
and brings us to the silence
of the starlight
and the beauty
of the here and now.

We’re the inexpressible
looking at the world
and seeing itself
become life
and moments of experience,
and its silent song of love
is sometimes visible
as conscious light
that fills our heart
and joins us to the stars.

Paul Mulliner 2023

I’m a writer and digital artist/animator based in London.

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Writer and digital artist/animator based in London. Writing about inspiration, intuition, consciousness, dreams …