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As All the Days Pass By

Poetry about life

photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Our inward space reaches the stars,
dissolving us into itself,
evolving the inner lens
of our awareness,
weaving us into meaning.

Helping us let our life just flow
as the wind sighs
through nearby trees
and through our heart
while seagulls drift and soar
in the steady breeze,
and sudden intuitions
bring us closer
to the wisdom
always there inside us.

The conscious stream of life
that brings new leaves to every tree
flows through our heart.

The knowing deep within the silence
shows itself in shapes of flowers
and swirling spirals of the stars.

While every day
the smile we bring to those we love
is known across the Universe.

As all the days pass by.

Paul Mulliner 2022

I’m a writer and digital artist/animator based in London.

Find some of my other poetry and prose on Medium:




Stories that matter. Emotion first and foremost.

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Paul Mulliner

Paul Mulliner

Artist, animation designer and writer. Writing about inspiration, intuition, consciousness, dreams ….

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