A poem

James Velten
Oct 14 · 1 min read
Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

I think that everyone deserves chances
Not just one or two
To give ourselves every opportunity
To fall again and again
To realize who we were is not who we will be tomorrow
change is possible
Tomorrow’s mistakes, fears, and doubts
Will only stoke the flames that will ignite your heart
Turn the shadows into rays of light
Pluck the weeds cluttering our garden
Replacing them with seeds brimming with fiery confidence
I know that what has been carved into stone
Can’t be undone
But there’s always a chance
To carve another story
To write another chapter
You’ll look back at the old pages
you’ll hang them up on the wall with pride
Instead of tearing them up
Every shot on the dark
Is a chance
Is an opportunity
Is a possibility
Don’t waste your precious thoughts
Begging for flowers to grow without water and love
Even the moon can thrive in the dark
Every rainbow has to rise above the clouds

(sow your seeds with all the hope in the world, watch them grow as you rise beyond the clouds, butterflies aren’t trapped in cocoons forever)


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