Consider the Word “Offspring”

A mother’s meandering meditations

Deborah Barchi


Child is a lovely word, but also I love the word offspring.
It has so much energy coiled within it.

Spring signifies both a season and an action.
When we think of the word spring, we know something energetic is about to happen.

What is a child but a springing forth of energy released into the world?

Like a diver springing from a board.
Like a spring tightly coiled in a clock.
Like a spring bubbling up from the earth.
Like a kitten springing on a leaf.

Beginnings imply endings. But Spring concerns herself only with new life.

Forever the wheel turns.

The theory that all energy is eternal is a difficult concept to understand. However, offspring are too engaged with living to struggle with such perplexities.

If wisdom is the accumulation of observation and compassion over a lifetime — and Spring the beginning of a journey towards irrepressible life — what an adventure awaits our offspring, ourselves, and the love we share?

For weeks I have been thinking that I would like to write a poem or an essay for Mother’s…



Deborah Barchi

Deborah Barchi has recently retired from her career as a librarian and now has time to read, explore nature, and write poetry and essays.