Distorted Female in Me

A Poem

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Jan 16, 2021


Photo by Sandra Seitamaa on Unsplash

I suffer in
getting in touch with
my feminine — 
The sacred Yin, the intuitive
High priestess
Because I have always been
The go-getter or have been in
the go-getter from as long
As I can remember,
I was told times are changing
And I thought that meant
I could be more like a boy
I felt I had to be that way
And discard my softer, gentler
Natural self.
Now its 4 am and some
twenty years later
I lay alone, struggling to
Find a middle ground with the
Boy I love
Because his Masculine is as distorted as
Mine feminine
And we both stand empty-handed
In front of each other with
Tsunami love inside
But not finding a way to flood
In each other waters
Restless we roar
To find a
Calming ,




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