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Do You Know Your Heart?

Returning to your inner wisdom

Photo by Nikola Johnny Mirkovic on Unsplash

Do you know your heart?
Does it speak surely to you in daylight’s bright dream,
quicken with quiet joy in your soul’s reflection?
Can you hear its silken whisper, reassuring and kind?

Do you know your heart?
Does it listen with love as your brain mutters madly,
answer your breathless cry for courage with strength?
Can you feel its certain power pulsing, inviting you to abide?

Heart is never risked, never broken -
heart’s nature heals itself from the inside out,
intimately stitched with renewed life
from spirit’s endless crimson breath.

Heart never lies, never deceives –
heart’s map reflects the path of authenticity,
deeply carved in camaraderie
with your sacred indelible truth.

Do you
Do you
know your heart?

Thank you for joining me here. In this noisy world, the challenge of listening to your heart is real — but the more you listen, the more you learn to trust yourself.




Stories that matter. Emotion first and foremost.

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Tanya Buchko Green

Tanya Buchko Green

musician, myofascial therapist, on my next adventure, writing to evolve, explore, unpack, connect & admire the mystery

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