Empty Horizon

When the roads lead onward without you

Bradley J Nordell
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1 min readJun 3, 2024


Photo by Diego Jimenez on Unsplash

Ageless stranger
Across the stars of stories
We speak. You and I
alone in a room
With only the shadows to hide
Our act of rebellion.
These doorways are for a lonely few
Not all. Too many traps and rats
in these floorboards, scuttling
too many lose nails sticking out
of death’s epitaph.

We drove silently
to the funeral home,
And prayed that he wasn’t in pain
When the bullet tore his mind
to pieces. There wasn’t much life
But trauma and alcohol fumes
And a romantic kind of longing
For love and acceptance.

I wish I had answered the call that night
I wish the world spun on a new axis
I wish the universe would collapse
And bounce back again
A better way, a better truth,
A more just world.



Bradley J Nordell

Author, poet, quantum physicist, photographer, explorer of the mind and imaginary worlds. New book "The Second Sky" is available now!