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Feels Like Gravity

A poem

Photo by Rachel Lynette French on Unsplash

The more I step ahead
The more I drift back
The more I leap up into the air
The more on the ground, I thwack

The more I repress
The more I regress
The more I let you
Slip away
The more your memories
Make way
For a longer stay

The more I withdraw
The more I fight
The Nature’s law
The more I jump
The more I bump
The more I stretch
To forget
The more I snap
And regret

The more I rise
The more I dive
The more I push
The more it pops
The more I deny
The reality
The more I defy
The gravity

Because your love
It feels so much like
Only when I fall
I feel free
And only when I
I truly immerse in your
So now I will just
Give in
I will just
Make the final call
Once and for all
I will revel in my
free fall

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