Unsaid Goodbyes

Sep 18 · 1 min read
Photo by Mantas Hesthaven on Unsplash

Souls hanging

Forlorn and lost

In a hazy loom

Across the starry night

The velvety blanket

Quivering amidst

The magic potent

Of stardust


Beyond the forbidden

Abyss of time

I looked up at the twinkling gems

And saw one golden halo amongst them

Crinkle in a smile

I felt a chill down my spine

As I saw the ravishing glow

Of my sweet lover

Guiding me like a captain

From above

An incredible soul

Always anchored in my heart


Stories that matter. Emotion first and foremost.


Written by

Passionate coffee-lover who also loves brewing her thoughts into microtales.



Stories that matter. Emotion first and foremost.

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