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Do You Know How Much They Mean to You?

You laugh, I hear the deepest joy.

My fear removed, parachutes deploy.

A smile of yours, my mind’s decoy.

I explore your ways.

I could exist without you for days, but

I don’t want to find myself in someone else’s gaze.

That brings my mind to a haze.

I am yours.

Nothing would cause a bore.

Learning all of you, I will never stop, I want to know your core.

Do you know I’m grateful?

The way you speak, in truth we trust.

Time can be an obstacle but for you, a must.

“We will see where time takes us.”

Distance didn’t even phase our lust.

Just keep the touch.

Grateful, but did I write your name too much?

Monday, Tuesday Wednesday.

You are a part of my everyday.

I love you in every way.

Even on the days that it’s hard to find the energy to say…

Thank you.