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Happy Mother’s Day

You’re my angel, my magic

Photo by Jenna Christina on Unsplash

If angels had a face
They would look like you
But you’re not an angel
The angels are you.

For you’re sweeter than them
You’re stronger and kind
The ways you show love
Even they couldn’t find.

They want to be you
But no matter what they do
They can’t even come close
How? They do not have a clue.

If magic had a name
It would be yours
And that smile on your face
Even through the pain that you endure.

Even magic wants to know
The secret to the unconditional love you throw
It wants your tricks and tips
You’re the epitome of perfection, it worships.

You’re more magical than magic
More angelic than angels
Thank you for being with me
Through all my hardships and battles.

I’m thankful to your mother
For bringing you on earth
I’m thankful to God
For an angel gave me birth.

Those people are fools
Who say I look like you
I’ll be happy if only I could
Look even half as pretty as you do.



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