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Scribe: What happened in August

Thomas Gaudex
Aug 31 · 4 min read

Dear readers,

I hope you had a lovely summer, and that the school year looks good! On my side, as I like to tell you in my own newsletter, August went by at lightning speed and I didn’t really get a chance to rest.

But that’s great because there have been many requests for publication on Scribe and many talented writers have joined the adventure! It is not always easy to answer everyone in a reasonable time, so for those who haven’t heard from me, feel free to write to me again and I will do my best to respond quickly.

Please give a round of applause to the new writers who have chosen to publish their stories on Scribe in recent weeks! Deborah Harmes, ZUVA, G.R. MELVIN, Ansel Allen, Jenny Justice, Nina Rosca, Susie Gutierrez, Anisesh, Elizabeth Keyes, Cailin Southcliffe, Salathia Richburg, wimpy af, Jesse Wilson, Rachel Nash, Edith Espinoza, Charlie Bartlett, Elaine Mead, Mary McGrath, and Trisha Traughber… Welcome everyone and thank you for your stories!

If Scribe continues to grow at this rate, I will probably need one or more editors to help me run the publication. I will talk to you about it when that day comes.

For this beginning of September, I am very happy to announce a new feature on Scribe: column! Each week, a writer will be featured on the home page of the publication, directly via the navigation menu. For one week, the writer will have his own column, so that readers can have direct access to his stories!

For this launch, I am very excited to introduce Ansel Allen, a poet I discovered just recently and who really impresses me. I urge you to read his poems in the new Scribe column!

Finally, here are some of the best stories that were published on Scribe in August. You can find them again on the home page of the publication or in the August archives.

Have a good reading, and keep writing!


This month,

Bella Linda wrote a story about her experience to the Borderland in Denmark, a European Burn just like Burning Man in Nevada. Emotions and true feelings are at the forefront: The Borderland / Don’t Forget to Breathe, Honey!

Shringi Kumari published a poem: Legend of Her.

Valentin Vieira da Silva hadn’t written in a long time. He came back, with a wonderful story: Se Souvenir Du Ciel.

ZUVA wrote a poem about the futility of millennial relationships. And this makes us think a lot about our current society… We The Millennials.

I asked myself the question: What Do We Write? And then I wrote some haikus, like these ones: We Humans, Flying, and Vertigo.

Jenny Justice wrote a poem: When We Fight.

Agnes Louis shared her first experimental visual poem on Scribe. Her attention touched me deeply: Come Close. She published this poem about pain too, and it was wonderful: It Can’t Be.

Giovanni Sonier combines painting and poetry like no one else. He wrote this poem: Convalescence.

Ansel Allen wrote a poem about love: I Will Only Love You Twice.

Daria Krauzo rightly reminds us that our job is not supposed to be our life: Why ‘Follow Your Passion’ Is The Worse Advice Ever.

Elle Rogers published a poem where passion is felt: Every Glance.

Sabine B. wrote a poem about memories: A Choice.

Can love last a lifetime? Jessica Lovejoy published this poem: Alright.

The planet is warming, this is a serious time. Can poetry save humanity? Bridget Webber wrote a poem about global warming: When the World Is on Its Head.

Trisha Traughber wrote a poem abouther personal experience with an active shooter drill when she was a high school teacher in the State of California: Fatal Funnel.

And many other beautiful pieces to read and reread on Scribe

Are you interested in to join the publication as a writer and reach an audience of more than 4,300 engaged readers? Here is how to submit. I look forward to reading from you!


Stories that matter. Emotion first and foremost.

Thomas Gaudex

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Writer. Dreamer. Editor, Scribe. I like to surf and look at the stars. thomasgaudex.com



Stories that matter. Emotion first and foremost.

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