Navya Gupta
2 min readOct 4, 2023


I see you every day
i know you’re mine
but i looked at you today
after a really long time

the clandestine curve
of your smile
behind your beard —
those light brown strands
matching the color of
your eyes
your eyes —
they keep getting narrower
the wider you smile

the lines on your forehead
where all your wisdom lies
i touch your face —
feel the texture of your skin…
as you wrap your arms
around me
i stop for a while
to feel the warmth
you provide
in every cell inside

days pass and being just another
human full of flaws
i might not always realize
but the truth is —
all i ever want —
within you, it resides…

i might have committed the
biggest sin of my life
to forget even for a minute
my blessings, not at all disguised…
but my love, never again
there’ll be a time
when i’ll get too comfortable
with this comfort
of you being mine.

©2023 Navya Gupta. All rights reserved.

Author’s note: More often than not, we forget to count the purest blessings we have in our lives in the form of our loved ones. We forget that we are living the life that we once prayed for. This poem is just a reminder for myself and everyone who needs it! Do not ever underestimate the power of love and loved ones in your life. Cheers!



Navya Gupta

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