My Dreams Do Not Die

A Poem

Giovanni Sonier
Sep 13 · 1 min read

For all of my wildest dreams
roam black tireless waters –
they are lords of the night
treading along a chasmic void,
fairies who flee from embargos
alone, self-illuminated, lofty,
free to pursue halcyon ideals,
they are echoing clarions
striking against the barrier
of a silenced juxtaposition,
they do not falter,
they do not quaver,
they do not resign,
they do not forget,
for my dreams dwell far above,
for my dreams dwell far below,
they exist within and without
where frost is no colder than fire
just as fire is no hotter than frost,
my eyes may catch their spark
beneath the arcane shadow
cast by the leafy limbs of trees
and blooms on the greensward,
but they are not to be domineered –
their secrets tucked away in the shade.

I breathe in them what they breathe in me.

Giovanni Sonier

Written by

Colorful bon vivant, poet, blogger, photographer, wine connoisseur, and seeker of truth.



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