Reclaiming Ownership

Gustav Klimt. Wikimedia

Come lie with me on the bed. It has been so long. 
I know we have talked, almost every day, 
but I haven’t seen you. Your face. Haven’t touched you 
or been touched by you in such a long time. 
What was it? A month this time?

Give me your hand and let me play with your wedding ring. 
Let my fingers travel up your sleeve and across to your lips, 
touching them lightly as they whisper to me. Let me feel 
your hands lightly on me, your fingers playing with mine, 
the gold gleam of my wedding band meeting yours.

Three years together, but we must come to know each other 
again after each long parting. Let me build trust in your body, 
let me reclaim ownership of your skin.

And in the night, let us ignite as a single flame — 
let the dawn find our embers, burnt up as one.