San Dias

Mountains For My Heart

Sarah E Sturgis
Oct 17 · 1 min read

From lofty heights and window view
I take in sights and sit with you,
The mountains reach up to the clouds
While gravity pulls me to the ground.

Beseech this view to linger still,
Watch sunny cliff set feeling thrilled,
Ney the time won’t let me stay
To soak up views of solar rays.

Variegated rocky edges
Sharp shadows, vaulted ledges,
Trees that reach up dust the clouds
While I sit here among the crowds.

An airport is a funny place
To long for you, your beauty, grace,
So many people passing through
And yet my thoughts are all of you.

© Sarah E. Sturgis

Sarah E Sturgis

Written by

I’m a writer who wants to get her content out there to share with people. Writing is my emotional outlet! It helps me make sense of the world.



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