Scribe Submission Guidelines

What we publish and how to submit your story

Thomas Gaudex
Apr 28, 2018 · 5 min read
Illustration: Julio Michelon

elcome to Scribe, this little haven of peace where you can read original stories written from the heart!

Far from the tumult of today’s society, the publication invites you through the stories of its writers to take time.

Taking time, and simply enjoy a moment of reading.

Be sure to read the great summary of the year 2019, which includes more than 90 stories and poems published on Scribe throughout the year. Share it around you, you’ll help make the publication shine!

What we publish & What we do not publish

We publish stories about life, love, and freedom. We like stories that come from the heart and express a personal point of view. We seek above all emotion. We want to know what moves your heart, so we are looking for stories written in the first person.

We don’t publish stories about entrepreneurship, startups and all things related to marketing or growth. Other publications do it very well on Medium, and that’s fine.

We don’t publish stories purely focused on personal development, or stories like “How To…” and “3 Things To Do When…” that pollute Medium and bring nothing but money to their writers.

If you dream of becoming the Medium’s next millionaire thanks to the Partner Program, you are not welcome here. In other words, if the main reason for your presence on Medium is money, don’t knock on Scribe’s door.

We are not interested in content creators disguised as writers. We do not read writers who consider writing on Medium as a business and who will be willing to write anything to increase their earnings with the Partner Program.

Note: You’ll find here stories in English and French. We are convinced that mixing languages, writers and cultures can produce compelling stories!

What it means to be published on Scribe

Whatever happens, you own your story and you keep all rights on it. Keep in mind, however, that if you choose to publish your story in Scribe, it is to keep it there.

When your story is published on Scribe, and that is the difference, then it will be visible to all subscribers of the publication and will appear on their network.

In other words, you have direct access to an audience of more than 7,800 engaged readers!

Also, remember that when someone claps on your story, it becomes visible to all of that person’s subscribers. That’s the magic of Medium!

If you have talent, and we have no doubt about it, your story can be curated by Medium. This means that in addition to being published on Scribe, your story is selected by Medium’s editors to appear in topics. And this happens very often!

The result is much higher visibility, both for you and for the publication. But must of all, it is a sign that your story is of great value.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Before submitting your story

Read the 10 points below to avoid wasting your time and to get your story published as quickly as possible:

  1. You should write under your real name, even if pen names are accepted. Your Medium profile includes a good quality picture of you and you have filled in your description (a few words to introduce yourself). Readers will be happy to know a little bit who you are!
  2. Your story has no spelling or grammar errors. Remember to review your text or have it review if you are ever unsure. Install the Grammarly extension for your browser, it is free and fixes most of the classic errors. And it works with Medium!
  3. Take care of the presentation of your text: Aerate your text by making paragraphs rather short (between 5 and 6 lines) to facilitate reading. Use the different layout options offered by Medium (title sizes, citation formats, bold, italics, etc.) to improve legibility. Illustrate your text with a featured image. Unsplash is now integrated to Medium! Please insert the title and subtitle first, just before the cover image.
  4. Your story should not exceed 10 min read.
  5. Your story is properly tagged with the 5 tags available (Love, Life, Short Story, Poetry, Writing…).
  6. Your story is in draft form. This is important so that your piece is well featured in the publication. Once you have submitted your draft, be patient. Your story will be published either the same day or scheduled for the next day. Please submit only the final version of your draft. We do a real proofreading job before publishing your story, please respect this work by not editing your piece once it is awaiting publication.
  7. Calls to Action are banned. For more details, you can read this: Best Practices for Calls to Action in Partner Posts. I decided to apply these rules to all the stories published on Scribe.
  8. We publish only one piece per writer per day.
  9. We don’t guarantee that we will publish what you send us. We carefully review each submission to make sure it meets the standards we are looking for in the publication. Just because many of your stories have been published does not mean that we will systematically publish all future stories.
  10. We will never edit your content. If we have comments we will send you a private note or we will try to contact you directly.

How to send us your story

→ If you’re not yet a writer with Scribe, send an email to with a link to your Medium profile and a link to the story you would like to submit. Explain in a few words why you want to join the publication. The review process usually takes 3–7 days. Don’t worry, we’ll answer you anyway.

Note: We will not take the time to read your story if you write it directly in the email or if you send it as an attachment. This also applies to stories published outside Medium. Given the very large number of stories received each day, please consider that if we don’t come back to you within 15 days, it is because we have not selected your story. That doesn’t mean your piece is not of quality, it is only that it does not correspond to what we are looking for at the time.

→ If you’re a new writer (you have been added as a writer by our editorial team), create a new story and write your words. Once your draft is ready for submission, click on the three little dots beside the Publish icon in the right-hand corner of your Draft page, choose “Add to publication”, select Scribe and send it our way. If you need help: add draft to publication. The review process usually takes 1–3 days. You will be notified of acceptance or rejection.

Just one more thing

If you have just joined the publication, we wish you a warm welcome! We’re looking forward to reading your next story.

We invite you to visit the page dedicated to our writers and write a few words about yourself, you will be able to discover pens that we often publish and it will be an opportunity for other readers to discover your writing.

Thank you for reading!

We’ll update these guidelines as needed moving forward.

Until then, read, write and love!



Stories that matter. Emotion first and foremost.

Thomas Gaudex

Written by

Writer. Dreamer. Editor, Scribe. I like to surf and look at the stars.



Stories that matter. Emotion first and foremost.

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