Seed Moon

Caroline Mellor
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1 min readAug 28, 2020


April 2020

It is the seed moon,
the time of sowing.
The roads and skies
have grown quiet.
Sometimes in the stillness
I can feel the earth dreaming.

There are many things I can’t do
in these strange times.
But I can plant seeds.
I hold them like prayers
in the palm of my hand,
I notice their shape and size,
the way they catch the light.
Their impossible promise.
I teach my children
to make wishes on them —
and I make wishes too.

Bring nectar,
food and medicine.
Praise the sun.
Bless the wild places
and the creatures
and all those yet to come.

May this new day
be a seed itself
for the beautiful future
which wants and waits
to be born.

I think anyone who says
that miracles aren’t possible
must not have planted seeds.

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Caroline Mellor

Mother, author, Medium top writer in poetry and climate change. www.carolinemellorwriter.com