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Something in Our Eyes

Like light

Loves’ silent whisper
is written in the wind that touches every star
and every human heart.

A poetry of silence guides all life
and seems to sometimes guide our heart
like waves are guided by the breeze
across an endless ocean.

So while we still have breath,
there’s time to know
this inward silence
that weaves somehow
all experience
into all that comes to pass,
and guides us through the days
we’re given in this world.

Something in the silence,
the almost unknowable unseen
inside all life,
brings us new eyes
to see the world
and a heart that knows
we’re woven through the stars
with every breath
and every moment.



Stories that matter. Emotion first and foremost.

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Paul Mulliner

Artist, animation designer and writer. Writing about inspiration, intuition, consciousness, dreams ….