Stolen Innocence

A poem.

This little girl who played so freely
Swaying back and forth so gleefully
Her pretty party-dress a colorful show.
She was lost by your abduction
Forever scorned in your destruction.
Where she’s gone, I wish I could know.

Pain and stolen innocence,
Your actions were so villainous.
That poor little girl will never be the same.
Though she’s now grown
Her soul her own
You’ve left behind more than just shame.

I pray she not be lost forever
My inner child always a pleasure
Her delighted laugh music to my ears.
These days she drowns in anxiousness
Fearful of another mess
Looking over her shoulder out of fear.

Pain and stolen innocence,
Shame bestowed by your sinfulness,
I’ve banished all of that away.
Claiming the person I’ve now become,
Your darkness no longer my outcome.
This body, she and I a proud display.

That little girl I think of often
So unaware of how her softened
Fragility will be used against her.
She was a joy and so shall remain
Blissful memories, free of pain,
A shining example of a soul so pure.

She deserved so much more than this, 
This unjust, stolen innocence.