The Antidote to Heartache

A Letter

Sarah E Sturgis
Oct 21 · 1 min read
Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

What a word, a single word can do to make my heart flutter.
Reaching into my imagination I see you through an amber haze of city lights and bustling people, the one with that look upon his face, waiting, anticipating the length that stretches onward.
Will I ever meet you?
Would time stand still if I did?
Would you reach out and embrace me?
A kiss seams so forlorn when I think it never will occur.
Heart wrenching, beating faster and faster, reaching out with my soul I write, the antidote to heartache.

© Sarah E. Sturgis

Sarah E Sturgis

Written by

I’m a writer who wants to get her content out there to share with people. Writing is my emotional outlet! It helps me make sense of the world.



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