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The Conscious Sky

Poetry about life

photo by Isi Parente on Unsplash

A conscious sky
joins every grain of sand to every star,
knows life in every leaf
and blade of grass,
and every human being.

And all the beauty,
and fragility of life,
those fleeting moments
we’ll never know again,
that look in someone’s eyes,
the hug that lingered,
as though
in all the moments streaming by
we could hang on to something
in this life,
all just memories,
echoes of lost times
gone forever.

The light from stars
is in our eyes,
the whole Universe
knows every moment,
every touch and glance,
every heartbeat,
and all the times we paused,
and let the silence
find us,
the silence hiding
in the shape
of every flower,
the conscious sky in all of us,
knowing what it is
to be human.

And then,
while rain clouds sweep
across the sky,
it’s the morning
of another day.



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