The Forest of the Deep

Free Verse

Lark Morrigan
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2 min readSep 22, 2023


Photo by Hans Junge on Unsplash

A lake of dark forest green
conceals my reflection
with an underwater sky
and water lilies
that have died —
still, I reach for who I
could have been,
aching for the lively
spirit I used to be.

And somewhere
beneath the surface,
I see a flicker
of who I was
when I was boundless,
but she looks at me
with mournful eyes,
and tells me that
those days are over,
that cold reality will win
no matter how many times
I declare my battlecry
and spread my wings
towards an endless sky.

How many lifelong wishes
have drowned,
coaxed by the waters
of deep despondence
and despair?
By the thought that
no matter what I do,
I’ll always be destined
to be a hollow vessel
for dying dreams?