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The Last Goodbye

Let the time freeze awhile

Photo by Scott Broome on Unsplash


Hold him harder
Hug him tighter
Stare deeper
Stroke his hair longer
Fill his fingers gap better
Blush redder
Pull him closer
Confess louder
Laugh brighter
Make your heart lighter
Your love, heavier
Fix your drinks stronger
Lift your spirits higher
Chase him faster
Dance weirder
Snip your fights shorter
Make your love fiercer
Turn the lights lower
Caress his ears gentler
Know him, delve darker
Entwined in his arms, feel safer
Keep his hands warmer
Kiss him sweeter
Forget there is any later
Because there is not…



Thank you for reading! If you liked this, check out a few more poems written by me. Happy reading ❤



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