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The Light Between Us

Poetry about life

photo by Annie Theby on Unsplash

While we have breath
and can feel the wind in our face
and see the sky and stars,
there’s always a space and light inside us
like the light that dreams are made of.

An inner space where conscious light
from everywhere between the stars
makes thoughts and memories
and moments of experience.

A gentle conscious silence
filled with intuitions, inspiration
and the mystery of love,
it’s the song of the Universe,
in the heart of all of us.

This conscious light is in our eyes
it’s the clarity, poetry and infinite silence
gazing through us
that can never be written,
only known in the moment.

And while clouds slowly stream across the sky
and fleeting moments of awareness emerge
and dissolve into memory
the light between us
is the light that love is made of
in our one shared heart.



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Paul Mulliner

Artist, animation designer and writer. Writing about inspiration, intuition, consciousness, dreams ….