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The Ocean

Lives in all our hearts

photo by Dmitry Spravko on Unsplash

Our human life
is like a fleeting shadow
on a sunny day,
a candle flame that lights
a pattern woven in our heart,
where conscious silence
like an ocean holding all the stars
knows we’ll one day say goodbye to life,
to all we love and have to leave behind,
to all we knew and didn’t know,
and all those times
we thought would never end,
an ocean wave of consciousness
in human form
dissolving into spray.

And while we linger
on the stage of life
until the curtain falls,
and wonder was it really all a play,
there’s always time to find
the conscious sky inside our heart,
the universal kindness like a song,
a silent verse in timeless space
reminding us we’re woven in the stars.

And know the conscious silence
is always in our heart.



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