The Pier of Uncertainty

Free Verse

Lark Morrigan
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2 min readMay 24, 2024


Photo by Single.Earth on Unsplash

I stand on a lone pier,
this linear path
that ends abruptly
and leads to the beginning
of a cycle of uncertainty.

The mists descend upon me
and hover above the lake,
lending me a scene
that I see so dismally —
yet I want to know,
how still are the waters,
and how deep are they?

I throw out my line
so many times
and hope for the best,
but nothingness
is all I get.

Yet I’ve seen shimmers
of scales in the water,
scales of a soul’s fortune,
bodies of redemption,
these creatures swim
in an arc so gracefully —
I am convinced
that the lake
sustains an abundant life,
which I cannot find
from the land behind the pier.