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Scribe: What happened in July

Thomas Gaudex
Jul 31 · 3 min read

Dear readers,

How’s it going for you? Wow, I’m doing great, even though I almost dissolved with the extreme temperatures we’ve had since the beginning of July here in France. But don’t worry, everything is fine, and then there have been many opportunities to cool down this month, with all the stories that our talented writers have published there!

By the way, new writers joined Scribe this month, and it seems the stories have found their readers since the publication’s statistics have jumped a lot in recent weeks. Imagine, the publication was close to 50,000-view in July! Even better, the publication exceeded 40,000 minutes of reading in one month! You can be proud of yourself. We’re a beautiful family, aren’t we?

Some writers also shared with me their immense joy when they saw their story curated by Medium. This means that in addition to being published on Scribe, their stories have been selected by Medium’s editors to appear in topics. This has resulted in much greater visibility, both for the writers and for the publication. And more visibility means more money for the stories that are part of the partner program. But must of all, it is a sign that stories published on the publication are of great value.

Well, a very warm welcome again to the new pens that have joined the publication in recent weeks! I’m talking about you: J.W. Parr, Michelle Celin Sellmann, Annie Shaw, Shruti Sinha, Jodi Cowles, Harmonia Subterranea, H. R. Parker, Jodi Rempel, Abhishek Negi, Sarah Dee, Johanna Naomi, Samantha Lazar, Rebecca Schonebaum, Emma Briggs and Laura Romero. Dear friends, I hope you feel good here!

I didn’t really have time to motivate the troops for the writing contest, but I chose to publish a story written by Samantha Lazar, The Magic of A Box Canyon. I hope you will like it. Well, and I’ll try to do better next time!

So, I leave you with some of the best stories that were published on Scribe in July. As always, all the stories are to be found on the home page of the publication or in the July archives.

Take care of yourself and keep writing!


This month,

Sabine B. wrote a poem that begins with: Lie on the ground while no one else sees, just breathe in and breathe out to the sound of the wind,
silent wind — caress softly the crowns of trees,
twirl the grass and fallen leaves
... Serenity.

Annie Shaw wrote an ode to writing. What Shall I Write? And you, why do you write?

Shruti Sinha wrote a sweet piece dedicated to her daughter. My Little Girl!

I wrote a story about my first love, and I would like her to read it. We Were 7 Years Old and I loved You. And then I talked about the stars again. Head In The Stars.

Agnes Louis wrote a series inspired by the loss of her mother. 7 stories that moved me a lot. You can read them on the Scribe home page. Here is the prologue of the series: 7 Days.

Painting always inspires Giovanni Sonier. True-Blue.

H. R. Parker let her heart speak for itself. Stay.

Austin Briggman published a poem about poems, and fingers through hair. Read To Me.

Laura Romero wrote her first story on Medium, and it was Scribe she chose as her home! Joint.

Daria Krauzo shares with us her love of reading, and how good reading is for our souls. How I Keep Myself Sane.

And many other stories to read and reread on Scribe…

You would like to join the publication as a writer and reach an audience of more than 4,000 engaged readers? Here is how to submit. I look forward to reading from you!


Stories that matter. Emotion first and foremost.

Thomas Gaudex

Written by

Writer. Dreamer. Editor, Scribe. I like to surf and look at the stars. thomas.substack.com



Stories that matter. Emotion first and foremost.

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