This Is Who I Am

I prefer soft landings and slow starts

Carolyn Riker


Photo by Ben Scott on Unsplash

I prefer soft landings and slow starts.
Space to deliberately study a leaf’s lineage.
To feel words as they roll over my tongue.

Is there a river-like cadence?
Or do I need a valley of vowels with voles?
Am I caught in the grey shale shades,
unable to find the blue ones?
Or have I wed my dreams with a tangerine sun?

The sky, whether night or day,
is split wide with starry diamond eyes.
A depth mirrored as the sea.

I’m captivated by the bees
who nurse the pollen
from lavender’s bent knees.
They dip freely in a flowing fresco,
a living hum.

And each day, a bouquet of roses
blooming on thorn and green
welcome my soul home.

I prefer soft landings and slow starts,
so I don’t forget where I come from.

A version of this poem will be included in my forthcoming book, The Colors I Hear: Poems & Proses to Inspire Creativity. This is published by Golden Dragonfly Press and available now.

Carolyn Riker is the author of four beautiful books of poetry and prose all published by Golden Dragonfly Press. Check out her Instagram and Facebook pages too.



Carolyn Riker

Carolyn's latest book, The Colors I Hear, is now available!