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Understanding Our Universe

Is a new worldview possible?

photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside of you” Rumi

When we’re born, the Universe becomes a human being.

It’s there inside us, a constant presence, through all the endless changes in our life.

A spacious consciousness as large as the Universe, knowing what it is
to be human.

And perhaps now, in 2021, we can begin the process of letting go of the worldview we inherit from the past and haven’t yet updated.

The materialist worldview, that matter is the primary stuff in the Universe, and our separate human brain generates consciousness, isn’t fit for purpose in the twenty-first.

For nearly a century, researchers in physics have known all the ‘material stuff’ in our Universe to be clusters of tiny wave patterns in a field of cosmic energy.

And it’s now time to recognize that consciousness is the primary element in the Universe not matter.

An immersive, self-aware, cosmic consciousness is expressing itself as all life in the Universe and experiencing being alive.

Conscious awareness is an attribute of this universal field of consciousness, not an activity of the separate brain of living beings.

The brain functions as an interactive tuner, connecting and participating with conscious awareness in the field.

And we might speculate that we’re alive, not as a consequence of a series of random cosmic accidents, but because universal consciousness has an intrinsic capacity to transform itself into the continuously emergent streams of biochemistry characteristic of the simplest life-forms.

Consciousness throughout the Universe is transforming itself into living beings and experiencing life.

Life seems to be opportunistic in the Universe, cropping up where it can survive, emerging at first as a very simple life and evolving into more complex living beings.

Speculative suggestions like this for the origin of life might help us begin to bring science and the great wisdom traditions together into a new cosmology for our new century.

After all, a worldview that places cosmic consciousness at the heart of the Universe isn’t entirely new.

The Native American Lakota and Algonquin referred to it as the Great Mystery or Great Spirit and many other traditions through the centuries have created their own names and descriptions.

The new worldview isn’t a completely new way of seeing, but rather an evolution of pre-modern wisdom traditions that accepts and values the many insights now emerging from science.

But it’s the intuitive realizations and guidance we might know during meditation practice that provide us with the foundation for living well.

Simple daily mindfulness practice helps us dissolve our ego and our usual and conventional view of reality, bringing insight and inspiration.

Helping us also realize we’re participants in something larger than ourselves, a conscious and intelligent Universe, generating, encouraging, and maintaining life throughout itself.

And this conscious Universe joins us into everyone and all life everywhere.

Until the time we’ll again become the inexpressible conscious silence, the light from stars that used to be a human being.

We’ll be the spacious consciousness as large as the Universe, that knew what it was to be human.

Paul Mulliner 2021

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