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A poem

Photo by Alexandre Croussette on Unsplash

heart pounding as fast as the
thoughts running on my mind
some beads of sweat & some of my tears
where’s my breath? Can’t find…

what’s that? just a hand on my chest
whose hand? is it mine?
who am I & who’s that someone looking at me…
telling me, “it’s gonna be fine”

i see a mirror but it’s not clear
there’s someone standing just like me
is it my face, my body, my hair?
why is she asking me to flee?

why does the world around
seem so black & white?
even when I am running
I have no place to hide

i can even fly right now
i am so away from “what is”
bring me back to the ground
don’t know what it is (who it is)
but there is something (someone) I miss

i will flow, flow, and flow
till i get to know
who i am & where i belong
i think i now know
it was MY hand on the chest after all
feeling it — my heartbeat pacing down
i again am touching the ground
i see my loved ones around
for some time i think i lost my world
i surmise i was not me
but here i am again — standing tall
in the lap of reality…

©️ Navya Gupta 2021. All Rights Reserved.



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