What is a Kiss?

A poem about the power of a kiss.

Maeli Santos
Oct 21 · 1 min read
Lovers embracing on the shore as the sun sets and the waves hug their legs.
Lovers embracing on the shore as the sun sets and the waves hug their legs.
Photo by Hannah Reding on Unsplash

Waking up early to see
a Summer's day sunrise,
as it slowly takes your breath away.
Walking barefoot upon the softest sand,
as you close your eyes and listen closely
to the songs of strong ocean waves.
The fresh dew on morning grass,
giving a new day life.
Inhaling the smell of morning coffee
and experiencing the power it has,
to awaken all your sleepless senses.
Embracing the warmth of the sun
on a wintery afternoon.
Feeling the rain on your skin,
as it passionately meets the driest earth.
It's the eagerness of life to fully live
and while living,
to outwardly express
the love I have
for you…

…that my dear is a kiss.

Thank you, Tre L. Loadholt and Thomas Gaudex for the idea, although I couldn’t follow the rules for the Writer’s Prompt, you both inspired me ❤


Maeli Santos

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For existence, for expression and a mix of both — an outlet. So romantically attached to poetry, I try to pen my own.



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