An enchanted square

a painting of a couple under an umbrella, surrounded by streetlamps, the background is in rainbow colors
AI art, created with NightCafe Creator.

Seek no incantation from volumes arcane
nor talisman from within long-hidden tomb
while a more vernacular magic abounds
intrinsic to the fabric of the mundane
like burlap interwoven with argent thread.
The sky’s spectral celebration after rain
would gain no greater mojo from octarine.
True love is more transformative than wolfsbane.
I would sooner ride a back road than a broom.
Music has more power to compel than sounds
of siren voices in enticing refrain.

An “enchanted square” is a form I just made up. I was considering writing a Magic 9, but I put the Rs back in because I want to live in a world where we don’t shun a letter just because it’s nonconsecutive. I also made the lines 11 syllables to mirror the 11 lines, hence the square part. -TJ



A rime couee

your standard, run-of-the-mill bird artist with a beret, palette and brush
AI art, created with NightCafe Creator.

the goal of an artist, forsooth
is simply to reify truth
as they know it to be
the view of a singular mind
(the product is otherwise blind)
so that others may see

collectors obtain and enjoy
the prefabricated ethoi
quite voyeuristically
reverse engineering a life
with all its elation and strife
in some capacity

the bowerbird shares traits with both
mosaic in the undergrowth
composite frontispiece
stay vigilant for useful bits
incorporate whatever fits
and build a masterpiece



Poetry should heal, not wound

Photo by Alireza Sahebi on Unsplash

The metaphor goes beyond condiment. It is meant to breathe life to words of poetry. Yet your words remind me more of a scalpel you had meticulously sharpened. The incision swift and deep.

This element of surprise leaves me saddened and wounded.

Words are apt to do that at times, leaving us trapped within the turnstile of the mind, when least expected.

Words can probe and pierce
and inflict pain.
Even words of poetry.
But they can also heal.

Thank you to editor Thomas Gaudex of Scribe publication for providing such a creative space for reading, writing and connecting with poetry on Medium.

© Connie Song 2022. All Rights Reserved.




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