How to create Scrimba screencasts

This article takes you through every step of creating a code screencast with Scrimba. It’s much easier than with traditional video and it’s all done in the browser.

If you have any questions, or if anything is unclear, feel free to reach out in our chat room or via mail (

1. Click the CREATE button

2. Choose a template select SCREENCAST

In this dialog you’ll also choose the topic, title and a template.

3. Prepare your project (if you want)

This can for example include adding boilerplate code, creating new files and folders and importing NPM modules.

4. Hit the RECORD button

5. Choose a microphone and hit CONFIRM

6. Code while you talk

7. When you’re finished, hit STOP RECORDING

After you hit ‘Stop recording’, you’ll get the ability to either save or discard the current recording.

8. Edit your recording

To open up the edit tools, click on the BRUSHUP button in the top right corner:

That’ll bring up an audio timeline, in which you can remove sections from your screencast:

You can also continue recording from any point in the timeline. So if you’re pleased with your first two minutes, but not the rest, you can start a new recording from exactly two minutes. This will replace whatever came after two minutes with your new recording.

More detailed instructions (including video tutorials) on how to edit your screencast can be found in our documentation.


10. Fill in metadata and hit PUBLISH again

And that’s it! The screencast will be located on your profile page:

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach ut to us via email ( or via our chat.