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4 min readMar 7, 2023

We are super excited to bring Script Blockchain to testnet for the first time. *Design is rough and significant changes will be made daily to upgrade performance, design and experience

Script Blockchain exists not only to be fastest and more efficient than other relative chains, but with an innate focus to build and develop video infrastructure, particularly to enhance the lives of hundreds of thousands of creators, and billions of users who consume and interact with video content.

With Testnet, Users will be able to the following:

— Create a wallet:
1. Head here:

2. You can now choose whether to unlock an existing Script Wallet, or to create a new one (yellow writing at the bottom).

3. Assuming you clicked ‘Create a Wallet’ you should see this.

This requires you to set a password, tick the disclaimer, and then download keystone (keystore will automatically download locally on your device).

4. You will then be presented with this page

Press continue and you will see your 12 word phrase and your private key. Keep these safe and do not share them with ANYONE under any circumstance. No member of Script Networks’ team will EVER ask you for this information.

5. All done! You now have a Script Wallet

Now simply choose your preferred login method and continue.

— Request funds from faucet (SPAY/SCPT)

Head to the ‘Recieve’ menu option, click it, and then click ‘Faucet’

After clicking Faucet you will shortly get test tokens delivered to your wallet. This may take up to 1 hour during busy times.

SCPT is the governance token, and is the token required for staking. SPAY is the token for transactions and rewards. To request SCPT tokens, you need to put your wallet address (and nothing else), in the discord channel named #token-faucet

This will then be credited within 24 hours

— Stake tokens

You can only stake tokens if you are running a test edge, lightning or validator node.

Transfer tokens between wallets

  1. Simply head to ‘send’. Click the token you wish to send, the wallet for it to go to, and the amount and click send. You can send to a fellow friend who owns an Script Wallet, yourself (if you have created more than one), or, one of your EVM wallets (so, one that is on Metamask for example)

2. You will then be given an extra window to confirm the transaction

You’ll be asked to type in your wallet password again and click send

3. Congrats! You just made a transaction. You can check Metamask, or explorer to confirm your transaction also.

— Run a Lightning node
Please head here for full information:

— Run an Edge node
Please head here for full information:

About Script Network

The Script Network is a video-based blockchain protocol focused on decentralized storage and 24/7 live content. Script Networks products include Script TV, GameFi NFTs, and multiple other dApps currently being built on-chain.

Script TV, (one of the core services of the Script Network protocol), is a free-to-air live television platform. It features countless channels and offers diverse movies, sports, documentaries, and news content, all of which earn rewards whilst watching content. Script Networks watch to earn elements allow users to develop and grow enhance their NFTs through GameFi mechanisms.

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Script Network
Script Network

Script Network is an open source web3 live tv platform, protocol, and storage network