Reconsider Children’s Content

In the world of animation, we have a tendency to treat children as lesser people with low intelligence. Producers, directors, writers, executives and studios have a distorted belief that children will only fall in love with bright neon colors, rapid fire action, loud zany music and nonstop talking. Market research says it’s so. So it must be true!

But what if we were to consider another possibility? What if we thought of children as just small people. People with hopes, dreams, thoughts and ideas of their own. People with their own experiences and curiosities? As people who might want to see — in addition to or as an alternative from loud and zany — more earthly tones, a soft stroll instead of a run, a more of a symphonic piece of music, or more pantomimed discussions.

Sure, children can’t vote or drive cars just yet. However, they’re much smarter and more intelligent than we give them credit for. Just because we’re older, doesn’t mean we’re much wiser. Just means we’ve existed longer.

If we treated children with a similar respect that we treat our peers, as we treat ourselves… I think we would reconsider what we make and seek to create content all of us could enjoy. Content with a bit more substance, value and meaning.

After all, it’s not like we really grew up either.