Ground Zero

Esteban at the drawing board/lightbox.

I have determined this is ground zero year. A year full of struggles on all sides with various challenges that have tested and taught us. Neither good nor bad, but very crucial to development. At ground zero.

It started with a few loose ends to take care of from the previous year. We had work and interest in the studio, we have been talking to colleagues, clients, and always developing new relations. But nothing big seemed to stick this year. I believe it had a lot to do with the economy, political going ons, and probably bad luck. Despite that we always manage to get small projects to keep the studio afloat by covering expenses. For whatever reason this year there has only been talk and struggles.

Our team has been scattered and everyone has been left to their own devices. It’s been survival of the fittest and a trial to see who can adapt.

It’s disheartening to have a perfectly good system and team in place that is too advanced for the quality of the projects that are being produced. You can really tell where today’s values are by how little demand there is for quality, and how the focus is only on how cheaply you can make it.

I call this ground zero because we’re still recovering from last years explosion, and starting over. It has been a year where patience has been tested, and rewarded.

We’ve rediscovered what it means to work at Echo Bridge and the passion behind the pixel. And not just to meet monetary demands, but to provide quality artistic content that’ll last for years to come.