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2 min readJan 11, 2023


Script Wiz Tools

Script Wizard comes with a bunch of developer tools;

  1. Simplicity Playground for experimenting with Simplicity.
  2. MAST tool for building custom TapTrees.
  3. Signature tool for signing/verifying ECDSA/Schnorr signatures
  4. Wiz Data Tool for data manipulation, casting, and hashing
ScriptWiz Tools

We aim to provide an all-inclusive toolset for bitcoin developers without setting up an environment or downloading software.

EC Calculator

Today, we’ve added a new addition to our tool collection; EC Calculator.

EC Calculator provides an easy-to-use tool for adding and multiplying EC points and other useful operations. Feel free to try EC Calculator at

EC Calculator

What Is Script Wizard?

Script Wizard is an open-source project for writing, debugging, and compiling custom scripts for Bitcoin and Liquid. It’s a sandbox for playing around with opcodes and a developer tool for designing covenants.

Script Wizard is built on script-wiz-lib, and you can try out the compiler online at Please keep in mind this is a beta version, and we recommend testing your script on the testnet before mainnet deployment.

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