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2 min readOct 13, 2022


Simplicity, a much-anticipated smart contracting language currently being developed, is expected to enable highly expressive and self-extensible smart contracts to Liquid and potentially Bitcoin itself.

Today we’re excited to announce the rollout of Simplicity Playground on Script Wizard. Simplicity Playground makes it easy to write Simplicity programs without setting up an environment or downloading software. It’s mostly a sandbox for playing with Simplicity on your browser to get familiar with the basics.

We will gradually improve the playground over time and add new features such as various Jets, DAG graphs, and the Bit machine. Feel free to try Simplicity Playground online at

Simplicity Playground Workshop at TABConf 2022

Come join us at TABConf 2022 on Thursday, October 13 • 9:00 am to learn the basics and how to write basic programs using Simplicity Playground with no prior background in bitcoin programming.

You will learn:
– Types, Terms, and Arguments in Simplicity
– Typing rules and strict script-wiz typing format
– Defining bits, bit-strings, and byte-strings
– Writing and executing Simplicity programs

What Is Script Wizard?

Script Wizard is an open-source project for writing, debugging, and compiling custom scripts for Bitcoin and Liquid. It’s a sandbox for playing around with opcodes and a developer tool for designing covenants.

Script Wizard is built on script-wiz-lib, and you can try out the compiler online at Please keep in mind this is a beta version, and we recommend testing your script on the testnet before mainnet deployment.

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