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Tapscript on Script Wizard

We’re excited to announce that Tapscript support has now been added to Script Wizard.

Now Script Wizard lets you tweak and create v1 outputs from your custom script.

In order to work with tapscript, you can choose the “Bitcoin (Tapscript)” section from the top-right corner of the IDE.

When you compile your script, Key-path is by-default set to a point with an unknown discrete logarithm: 021dae61a4a8f841952be3a511502d4f56e889ffa0685aa0098773ea2d4309f624.

If you want to introduce a key-path in addition to your script-path, you can specify an internal key. You also have the option to set a custom TapLeaf version for potential further upgrades, which is currently set to 0xc0.

You can view the tweak result and its corresponding Bech32m address according to BIP-350.

Try it Out

Script Wizard is built on script-wiz-lib, and you can try out the compiler online at Please keep in mind this is a beta version, and we recommend testing your script on testnet prior to mainnet deployment.

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