Everything You Need to Know About the YBX Airdrop

Details on the airdrop of YBX, YieldBlox’s platform token!

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5 min readSep 9, 2021

Update #1 (9/20/21)

We’ve received an incredible amount of interest in the YBX airdrop which is amazing! However, due to this interest we’ve had to change the rules slightly to ensure the airdrop is fair for our community and manageable for us.

Change to the community airdrop:

If you’re in our Discord or Keybase channel you’ll already be aware of this change but we now require all community members to have been in the channel for 7 days before they can register their Stellar address for the airdrop.

Change to the beta testing airdrop:

We’re updating the rules to our beta testing airdrop slightly. We’re capping the number of beta participants at 1,000. The other rules about Stellar account age still apply. To apply to be part of the beta, please fill out this Google Forms!

What is YBX again?

YBX is the YieldBlox Protocol’s platform token. YBX holders can stake their YBX for sYBX which provides them with various benefits such as a portion of protocol revenue, the ability to allocate YBX lending and borrowing incentives, and control over the protocol. These utilities accelerate the growth of YieldBlox and the Stellar ecosystem as a whole — YBX is tokenized growth! YBX stakers directly benefit from and control the future of YBX and DeFi on Stellar! More info on YBX can be found in our docs.

YBX token distribution

Before we get into the airdrop, let’s refresh on YBX’s distribution. The total supply of YBX tokens is capped at 1.5 billion. To provide a sense of scale, the total supply of XLM is 50 billion. Simply, we’re not issuing that many YBX tokens. Of these 1.5 billion, 810 million will be distributed over 10 years to protocol users, 375 million will be allocated to the YieldBlox DAO treasury, 150 million will be allocated to a partnership treasury, 35 million will be allocated to a bug bounty program, 10 million will be allocated to the airdrop, and the remainder will be distributed to the initial team and investors.

You can find more info on the distribution here.

The YBX Airdrop

We’re designing the YBX airdrop with three goals in mind:

1. Get YBX into as many real* ecosystem wallets as possible
2. Teach potential future users how to use YieldBlox
3. Grow the YieldBlox community

*We don’t want YBX to be distributed to bot or inactive accounts.

With the previously stated goals in mind, we are splitting our airdrop into three portions:

Airdrop 1: Verified Lumenaut Airdrop — 4,000,000 YBX Allocated (September 9–October 22)

The verified Lumenaut airdrop is our airdrop for registered YieldBlox community members. To participate in this airdrop, you must be part of our Discord community, and your Stellar mainnet account has to have been created before August 15, 2021. To register for this airdrop, please join our Discord and follow the instructions provided. Registration information will be provided at a later date. Community members have until the 21st of October to register. On the 22nd, we will divide 4,000,000 YBX among the registered participants by sending it directly to their wallets.


Airdrop 2: Verified Yield Farmer Airdrop — 3,000,000 YBX Allocated (September 27 — October 15)

The verified yield farmer airdrop is our airdrop for YieldBlox Testnet-Beta testers. Our testnet-beta will be released on September 27th. At this point, anyone can visit our YieldBlox web-app and request testnet asset tokens (Your Stellar mainnet account must have been created before August 15th). If your account qualifies we’ll send you asset tokens which can be used in the testnet YieldBlox protocol. You’ll earn YBX tokens for using the protocol on the testnet just like you would on the mainnet. After the end of a 18-day testing period, you’ll be able to exchange these testnet YBX tokens for mainnet YBX tokens. We’ll make markets for the underlying asset testnet tokens, so you’ll be able to carry out a wide range of yield farming strategies to maximize your YBX earned! Put on your yield farmer hats!

Airdrop 3: Stellar Ecosystem Airdrop: 3,000,000 YBX allocated (September 9 — October 22)

Anyone with a Stellar account created before August 15th can participate in this airdrop! You’ll be awarded tokens on October 22nd just by setting up a YBX trustline.

Please note, to receive YBX from any of our airdrops you MUST set up a YBX trustline.


Set up your YBX trustline today!


As many of you know, we issued 100 ScripTee NFT-shirts, 80 of which still need to be distributed. Here’s how we plan on distributing another 50 of them:

Educational Content — 20 ScripTees

We will be allocating 20 ScripTees to give away to community members who produce educational content on YieldBlox during September — December. Educational content can be podcasts, articles, Twitter threads, videos, Reddit posts… you name it! The only requirement is you put effort into them. Once you release them, just reach out, and we’ll award you your prize! We’re happy to answer questions for any content pieces you put together, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Sam Conner Interview Attendees — 10 ScripTees

We are planning to do an interview with Sam Conner (@samconnerone) prior to the beta launch. Ten random individuals from the live interview’s audience will be selected to win a ScripTee!

Hidden NFTees — 10 ScripTees

We’re hiding 10 ScripTee icons in our Discord, Keybase, Website, Protocol Accounts, and other content areas. If you find one, message us with a screenshot, and we’ll award you a ScripTee as your prize! These may not all be in place yet, so keep your eyes peeled as you read through our materials and browse our community channels for the image below!

Pre-launch discord AMA — 10 ScripTees

We will distribute 10 ScripTees to audience members in our pre-launch discord AMA! This has yet to be scheduled.

What about the remaining 30 SCRIPTEE tokens?

We haven’t decided how to release these yet. If you have any ideas, hop on one of our social media channels and let us know!

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