Scripted Spontaneity


  • Dr Nimit Oza

    Dr Nimit Oza

    Uro Surgeon, Author, Orator and columnist

  • Tim Cavey

    Tim Cavey

    Host of the @TeachersonFire 🎙podcast. MS Teacher. Big believer in Growth Mindset. EdTech should promote the 5 Cs. MEdL.

  • Adi Sudewa

    Adi Sudewa

    Venture Builder. In Medium to share perspectives on how industries are being transformed by digital technologies.

  • Shelley Buchanan, M.A.

    Shelley Buchanan, M.A.

    Former educator, school librarian, and school technology coordinator. Learning will set you free.

  • Lisotti Annamaria

    Lisotti Annamaria

  • Rithanya Saravanabhava

    Rithanya Saravanabhava

  • Paul Cancellieri

    Paul Cancellieri

    Science teacher and author who is passionate about grading, assessment, and feedback

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