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Customizing Firefox

As with all Linux things…

It’s been a while since I last fiddled with my Firefox configuration. Ever since Firefox Quantum was released, breaking all of my old customizations, I haven’t gotten around to rewriting them. That changes today!

It starts with gathering information about what folks are doing nowadays. Up to now, for Linux-related topics, I always start by searching the Arch Linux wiki and forums. Recently, I’ve also been searching Reddit and have found it to be a pretty good source of general information.

I found the following article in the FirefoxCSS subreddit:

Looks like today, I’m able to live edit my userChrome.css inside of the inspector, which is a lot easier than what I had to do before.

My final product:

Getting the URL bar and tab bar on the same line is straightforward with display: flex on #navigator-toolbox. It also lets me reorder the two so that the URL bar is on the left with order.

The middle chunk of CSS involves removing buttons, with display:none, as I primarily use my keyboard.

The last chunk of CSS deals with removing a few visual flourishes. I remove the border and padding around the URL bar. I also remove the blue line across the top of a selected tab in the tab bar. This lets me bring the height of the one bar down to 33px, which is the min-height of a tab. Finally, I remove the zooming-in effect that happens when the URL bar is focused.

While I’m at it, I’m also going to take a look at the current state of the art for Vim keybindings in Quantum.

Looks like they’ve finally managed to make the Vimperator feature set work in Quantum.

The default key bindings are good. And, there are already several color schemes available:

All in all, all of that was pretty straightforward. I’ll use this setup for a few days. Maybe I’ll come up with more customizations to make!



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