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Autumn Aloft

A poem

Watercolour on paper by the writer

Fuddled leaves twirl to gravity
slurping tree’s dense dark
blushing in blotchy copper
toned down vast emerald
panorama melting in pigments
other than chlorophyll hues

mango groves relinquish
past koel’s liquid cadenza
wrinkled streaks of sunshine
slant at subdued angle
slinking away swiftly from
sunflower, cosmos, zinnias

tiniest yet brash sprouts
swelling into vivid spikes
lotuses subtly bursting in
pink spectacle skywards
mellow ‘n' wild blooms
strewing fragrant stars

monsoon fading away
past summer's shadows
to usher in a magic scene
Sun's esteem blanched
up above earth in flames
husky quietude crackle.

In response to the Saturday prompt 'create an act’ by J.D. Harms in Scrittura.

Era Garg September 2021



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