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Cleopatra Swindling and Swinging

Party on prompt: A prose poem

Photo by AG Z from Pexels

Drawing me at a distance, the music a hook, a line, a sinker swilling, swinging, swaggering through the streets like a fish glinting, flitting, flirting — scales flashing through a balmy May gloaming —twilight-a-twinkling — rolling through the doors of the Pyramid like Cleo with a fella in the crook of either arm akimbo




Purveyors of Provocative Prose & Poetry. Serving up sublime mind-elixirs & intoxicating ideas. Imbibe for creative invigoration — weekly prompts, pithy articles & prose poetry alchemy.

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Danielle Loewen

Danielle Loewen

she/her | reader | queer feminist | recovering academic | body lover | gamer | poet & fabulist

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